Life & Career coaching

The way I have been performing a Life & Career Coaching is practical and straightforward and aimed to help people meet goals and facilitate their learning of new behaviors for personal growth or professional advancement. I highly appreciate a skilled career guidance approach, meaning encouraging youth and adults to develop a passion for lifelong learning and academic & career planning instead of short-term thinking.

A Life & Career Coaching is building on real-world life issues and the challenges we all are facing on daily basis. It can be effective in many situations, for example in helping a person's career direction and development, or more generally for personal fulfillment or life change. It leaves the Client with meaningful insights thanks to which an individual gets support while learning to identify and achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal.

My coaching facilitates the individual to discover answers and new ways of basing on their preferences, values and unique perspective. I support the Client shift his/her perspective and thereby discover different solutions to achieve the goal.

What is a Life & Career Coaching?
It is a process aimed at helping you achieve clarity and confidence to work through issues that are holding you back from enjoying a challenging and harmonious life. It is to facilitate your psychological or emotional growth. It involves two people: the coach and the coachee. Coaching is a form of counseling which uses a series of individual sessions. Coach works through asking questions and giving feedback.

Why Life & Career Coaching can be a priceless experience?
No matter whether you are student, parent or individual seeking for new career or life opportunities. Coaching process can let you become more aware about what you need for fulfillment, about your talents and your goals in order to decide about your best future life or career path. It is important to pay attention to the learning opportunities around you to plan your ideal path before leaping into action. It will make you more effective in achieving your goals. Everyone has a career dream, but sometimes parents or family members lack knowledge of career development, which results their child(ren) lacking high demand skills and being completely unaware of the realities of the workforce.

There are 3 Categories Of Clients, who can be interested in Life & Career Coaching

Adult individuals

Whether you're looking for ways to be more decisive in your life, find a new job or simply be happier, the chances are that the coaching process will support you significantly.


You might be looking for ways to better understand your son/daughter in order to make a relation you have with them more satisfactory for you both or you want to help them to be aware about their talents and skills they posses or need to develop for the better future.

Middle & high school students

Those who want to discover what their talents and interests are in order to think over their career exploration, or who would like to make a life and education planning to set up their future academic path to be in perfect alignment with their graduation requirements and career aspirations.

Students may have an interest to discuss with a coach about choosing the profile of high school / college / university of their choice, which would made them engaged and inspired to achieve their potential in school, career and life.

Coach is not a psychologist. Coach is an individual from outside of your son/daughter' school community, who helps student achieve her/his full potential in school, career and life. Sometimes children are afraid of meeting psychologist (as they may feel meeting a doctor, but they are not considering themselves sick) or some advisors/teachers from their school (as they may need to feel more 'incognito'). Thus an external coach could be for them a kind of trustful counselor.

When is Life & Career Coaching Appropriate?
The process is appropriate when:

  • students and their parents want to prepare for the task of being employed, self-sufficient and passionately engaged in a challenging global workforce.
  • your child is looking for his/her talents and capabilities before deciding what kind of academic education she/he would like to follow.
  • the person is committed to the process and to the change, which will follow, and is willing to invest her/his time, money and effort to make it work.

In what Situations Life & Career Coaching can be effective?
It potentially covers every aspect of personal and career development that an individual might aspire to. Let's try to list few of them.


  • Looking after your personal fulfillment
  • Formulating an individual development plan
  • Developing your talents and skills
  • Unlocking your courage and building your self-confidence
  • Learning effectively
  • Breaking negative belief patterns
  • Acting more decisively
  • Evaluating your abilities and values
  • Improving your interpersonal relations and social skills
  • Developing communication skills
  • Managing your stress
  • Looking after a work/life balance
  • Improving your creativity skills
  • Assessment of your image


  • Improving your Planning and Organizing skills
  • Setting goals
  • Accomplishing tasks
  • Self-Engagement and self-motivation
  • Implementing appropriate problem-solving solutions

When is a Coaching not appropriate?
Coaching is not applicable when the person is depressed or experiencing problems associated with phobias or addictions. Coaching works with high-performing people. It is not therapy, meant to 'fix' a person.

What is an average number of sessions dedicated to one coaching project and how much time does it take?
Number of sessions depends on the each and every project, but usually consists of 6 up to 8 sessions (4 being a minimum).

How often are coaching sessions to be organized within one single project?
Coaching sessions usually are taking place every 3-5 weeks, thus the whole project can take approximately 6 up to 9 months. This is an optimal scenario, which has a neurological justification, as the process started during the sessions is permanently continued on conscious and subconscious level in the one's mind between sessions.

What is the way we can work together?
We can work in different ways, although I prefer to work with my clients face to face as the personal interaction is helpful in coaching process and builds a safe, trusting environment. We can work also over the phone or skype.

Clients can find me via the web, then call me or send me a mail. The combination of my website and the brief conversation usually gives my clients confidence they have found someone qualified who they can trust.