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Dostosowujemy nasze zachowania i sposób komunikowania się do tego, co robi otoczenie. Gdy podczas imprezy wszyscy się głośno śmieją, dołączamy do nich, robiąc to...
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My name is Małgorzata Komońska.
I am an approved and certified international
coach, member of the ICC (International
Coaching Community) and CCA (Creativity
Coaching Association) with an MBA
title from WUT Business School (partnered
by leading European business schools:
HEC School of Management Paris,
London Business School and
NHH - Norwegian School of
Economics and Business
Administration in Bergen).

I started my business a life long time
ago. My first job was for a non-profit
organization (Consumer Federation), after that I changed to the private sector
– I was working in the trading dept.of a private trading company. Before moving into coaching, I worked for 15 years for international banks operating in Poland - recently as the managing director at the French bank SOCIETE GENERALE’s Warsaw branch, responsible for cooperation with financial institutions operating in Poland i.e. banks, insurance companies, or pension and investment funds. Before SOCGEN, I worked for 2 years for the Austrian Raiffeisen Centrobank Poland in the Corporate Banking Department and in the Treasury BackOffice. Together with the Corporate Banking Team we successfully launched one of the first corporate banking divisions of a foreign bank operating in Poland.

My long experience in the banking sector gave me an in-depth knowledge of on how commercial and investment banks function on a daily basis as well as and the same for corporates, who were my clients. Being responsible for product sales, managing and developing relations with top corporates and financial clients, I had the privilege (and great pleasure!) to get to know many fantastic people, their professional plans, expectations, but also the problems they were facing. We spent many hours together discussing the challenges in both our private and professional lives.

The position of the Managing Director at SOCGEN Poland gave me the opportunity to experience and participate in a variety of internal business challenges like introducing new organizational or sales strategies (many times…), budgeting, launching marketing strategies or cost cutting implementation schemes, new employee hiring processes, acting in crisis situations and the image recovery (you may remember the 2008 malpractice case of Jerome Kerviel at SOCGEN…), etc.

I left banking in 2010 as I decided to leave Poland for family reasons. Now I am now based in the Czech Republic, however  I regularly travel to Warsaw to carry out my coaching duties. Changing countries is some a great experience, indeed, exposing one to a new culture with its similarities, differences and trans-cultural circumstances. However, Czech entrepreneurs and managers face quite the same problems as everywhere else: each entity evolves and undergoes moments of market or internal crisis; introduces optimizing and effectiveness programmes, as well as implements new organizational culture styles; monitors competitors, hires leaders, develops their staff and businesses, or enhances its organizational and people development skills as e.g. creativity, high performance, satisfaction, or innovation.

Any institution means people and each person represents an individual set of potential, feelings, thoughts, expectations, skills or… personal ROI goals. I agree with Martin Seligman, who broke happiness down into three parts: pleasure, engagement and meaning – all three indispensable ingredients of success.

I am a happy person, satisfied with the decision to make the next step in my career and to take up coaching. I strongly believe in it (coaching’s effectiveness has been proven in more than 90% of cases), especially that it worked for me personally. I have launched to serve people, help them understand what their potential is and know how to take a stand and act freely, believing that “Change is Possible”. When it comes to experiencing a successful coaching process it is crucial to have a clear vision, focus, confidence and a positive mindset. Yes, there are elements of acting among the methods of successfully business coaching, but on the whole they come to no avail without a human touch.

I consider coaching a great tool to help individuals learn through deep reflections in order to gain awareness and take the responsibility for doing things differently. I am a skilled communicator with a deep understanding of human issues, able and ready to encourage and facilitate executives, managers and other individuals in achieving positive, sustainable change.

I am the founder of I specialize in LEADERSHIP, TALENT DEVELOPMENT and CREATIVITY ENHANCING and I have been advising both industry players and young people on their careers, life issues and of course talents they could further develop in their academic or business life.

I have worked in person in Poland and the Czech Rep., or globally via a webcam.


You can contact me at
tel. +48 501 130 496 (Polska)
tel. +420 721 49 5656 (Czechy)